If my presence is so god-awful

you oughta slit my carotid artery

and leave me bleed to my demise.


“It’s a beautiful day to save lives”

I sat at the dining table one afternoon drinking tea, contemplating on whether I should read or watch another episode of Grey’s Anatomy. My father who was in the vicinity had suddenly asked me a question, a particular question he hadn’t asked for the longest time. He asked if I would still be interested in doing Medicine if he was able to pay for the whole course in the near future. Of course I would still be interested, I told him. That particular dream of mine may have not been brought up around the house for quite some time now, but it has definitely never died. Now I’m not saying that he’s planted hopes in my hopeless heart. I was just glad that he hadn’t forgotten about what I have always aspired to become; a surgeon. They say good things come to those who wait. Maybe I haven’t waited long enough or maybe this wasn’t a good thing to begin with.