The Look of Love

I used to only have great things to say about you. Beautiful words such as incandescent, becoming, and charming crossed my mind at the thought of you. Now I can only think of rather unfavorable terms like uncertain, inconsistent, and clueless. It saddens me to finally see the kind of person you’ve always been and not the person who was beautifully painted in my heart.


Momentary Bliss

Whenever something good happens, I always ponder upon the day it ends. How will I feel then? How will I be then? Will I still be the same person as before it happened? Or will there be a void in me that needs to be filled? It’s always so sweet and short, this good thing. A momentary bliss. The last time it happened to me was years ago. I sometimes long for that particular day. Wishing I could relive it even just for a day. I hadn’t expected it to happen, but it did. For that, I am eternally grateful. Because if it didn’t, I wouldn’t have met a pretty rad being who has inspired me so much over the years. I hope to experience something similar in the near future, something good. But this time, I’d appreciate it if it happens for the long run.

The Holy Matrimony

If I ever get married in the future, I seriously pray that I’ll get married to a man who uses his mind before responding to any situations. Who doesn’t yell or cuss at anyone, regardless. Who doesn’t pursue any argument when it’s initiated. Who doesn’t use force in any situation unless need be. Who always retreats. Who loves unconditionally. Who loves generously. Who protects unquestionably. I don’t ever want my kid(s) to worry about the “adult stuff” until they’re supposed to when they’re living on their own. I don’t want my kid(s) to worry about their education because it’s my responsibility with my husband to provide them that. And we will grow old together, enjoying the life that we’ve built together, frisbee-ing our cares away. Watching our kid(s) succeed. Watching our kid(s) build their own lives. Perish together in peace.

The Girl With the Book

I was reading in my favorite coffee shop on a particular Friday night, one of my favorite pastimes. Enjoying my solitude as how I’d enjoy it when suddenly the place started to fill with couples. I found myself miserably disturbed by those lovers who were enjoying each other’s company and had thought how lovely it would’ve been if I had the privilege of enjoying another person’s company instead of only my own. But then I remembered, it took three movies for Bridget Jones to finally end up with Mark Darcy. Therefore, I’d like to believe that the chances of me becoming a sad singleton for life are highly unlikely. I sure hope to meet a man that will like me just as I am.

What Coulda Been a Meet Cute

Sometimes you meet someone, but you’re not meant to get to know them. Standing opposite of each other in the MRT en route to god knows where. Sharing a moment so brief yet so deep without uttering a single word. A moment that feels like forever until the other person gets off the next immediate stop. Inconspicuously exchanging the final we-are-never-going-to-cross-each-other’s-path-again glances. But who’s to know for sure?