I Can Finally Say We’re Through¬†

I gave a special occasion speech earlier this morning during my Public Speaking class. My speech was under the category of farewell titled; Bidding Adieu.

“Growing up I came across with people whom I used to term my best friends. The intervals between one best friend to another or a group were big, which means I was in a friendship for quite some time before moving on to another friendships. Being a girl, you would get sentimental and shit when it comes to your best friends. You would tell each other that we would be friends till the end of time. Before you know it, there’s always a shortcoming in your friendship that you just cannot overlook and eventually breaks the bond that you had promised to hold dear for life.

The thing about the people with XX chromosomes is that they get envious over the most petty thing ever. Now I am not trying to give myself credit, but jealousy is simply not in my vocabulary. I cannot fathom jealousy. Ever. A simple jealousy which turned into a repugnant green eyed monster once ruined a friendship of mine. My so called best friend was envious of my academic performance and she thought I was trying to beat her ’cause she was always better than me in school until I decided to take matters into hand. That was the end of our five year friendship. Like I said, petty.

However, this particular friendship I had with a group of what used to be amazing people just recently ended. This bond I had with the girls was the one I treasured the most. The one I wished never would break. But, it did. It’s funny how you can go from wanting to be there when each and every one of you is conferred a bachelor’s degree to, I quote; You need me and my kind when you get sued. With that kind of attitude it’s going to be more than once. For now, mind your own business. And you thought to yourself, whoa! How did we get here? What went wrong? What happened to your problem is ours and ours is yours?

Now what happened between me and the aforementioned beings was not due to jealousy. Our lives and differences finally got the best of us. We just grew apart and before you know it, sue threats have been reciprocated. Change is inevitable and something that every living being has to go through, but you change for the better, not for the worse. I guess to them maintaining a facade that is doomed to end is pivotal than treasuring a nine year old friendship or sisterhood as we used to call it.

Just like Hitler, our friendship has gone under the sod. Regardless of what happened between us, I will forever appreciate whatever those people have done for me. May all the things told in confidence be buried along with our years of friendship. With this, I bid adieu.” -Ikha


Bitter Pill 

Have you ever been in this state of anger where teenage angst and rebellion are of no relevance ’cause your anger results from being perpetually let down and not a mere lack of attention? You ought to be well habituated to disappointments given the fact that you’re constantly being let down, but every time you’re being let down, it’s like the first time all over again. No matter how hard those who you confided in try to comprehend what you’re going through, they can never do. The only person who understands what you’re going through is you. Looks like you just have to suck it up, take it like a pinch of salt and hope that your predicament is shortened.