An Overdue Apology 

I wish those who met and got to know me before could’ve met and got to know me now instead. I don’t really appreciate the younger version of myself. I was naive and rather a tad bit ignorant if you ask me. Thus, I apologize on behalf of my kid self. Nevertheless, everyone should be given a room to make a fool out of themselves. How are we to learn if we never flawed? I guess my frontal lobe was still developing, hence my semi underdeveloped personality. Now that I am older, I try to keep an open mind and not be prejudicial to those whom I am engaged in a conversation with. Be that as it may, I refuse to give in to the stereotypical bunch who keep putting their ginormous schnozzles into other people’s business and never fail to find ways to make themselves feel like they’re above everyone. Yeah, these people have got to go. Period. 


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