The Harsh Reality

I remember when I was a kid, my teachers in kindy used to ask us kids what our ambitions and dreams were. We’d give a list of the typical boring occupations and say that those were the things we’d want to become and do when we grew older. Our teachers were very encouraging and told us to “go for our dreams” leaving behind the ugly bits and pieces of going for our dreams. They say the best way to mold someone into becoming a better person is when they are still kids. That way, they’d be able to tell right from wrong. Growing up, I realized my life has been nothing but a complete sham. I don’t remember being told that dreams cost money. I don’t remember being taught to only earn money and not knowledge and experience. The thought of becoming a surgeon has been apart of me since I was a know-nothing child. My father used to want all of his children to become medical practitioners. I didn’t take him seriously in the beginning as I was only a kid and figured he’d get over it when we’d grown older. However, as I grew older, I realized that I actually wanted to become a surgeon. Not because of my father, not because it was one of the most chosen ambitions, not because of nothing. It was because I fell in love with science and the complexity of the anatomy and physiology of the homo-sapiens. As fascinating as this sounds, it is not. In today’s era of mercantilism, “going for your dream” is not a beautiful odyssey, it is rather a repugnant quest not to free yourself from the capitalistic society and world, but to be accepted as a member of capitalism. It is sad to see how the world and its inhabitants have turned out. If my teachers had told me the truth about going for my dreams, I’d have been able to get myself acclimated to the hell brought upon by the people of the 21st century.  I just wish I’d known.


An Overdue Apology 

I wish those who met and got to know me before could’ve met and got to know me now instead. I don’t really appreciate the younger version of myself. I was naive and rather a tad bit ignorant if you ask me. Thus, I apologize on behalf of my kid self. Nevertheless, everyone should be given a room to make a fool out of themselves. How are we to learn if we never flawed? I guess my frontal lobe was still developing, hence my semi underdeveloped personality. Now that I am older, I try to keep an open mind and not be prejudicial to those whom I am engaged in a conversation with. Be that as it may, I refuse to give in to the stereotypical bunch who keep putting their ginormous schnozzles into other people’s business and never fail to find ways to make themselves feel like they’re above everyone. Yeah, these people have got to go. Period.